Storm King

Photo courtesy of Jay Erikson’s photostream

For approximately 8 1/2 of the last 9 years M&I have talked about going to Storm King. As we speed down the Thruway weekend after weekend catching a peek of the sculptures through the trees we inevitably mumble about how we really need to go. Finally the day has come. Saturday the weather was absolutely perfect, low humidity, not too terribly hot, basically the perfect day to get lost and see some art. After a lazy morning and more traffic than either of us care to remember (did everyone in NY have the idea to get out of the city at the same time?!) we arrived at the park at around 3pm. This actually turned out to be a happy accident. We missed the hottest part of the day and we were in prime shadow time. With me being a little more encumbered than usual (hey, I am walking for two here!) we took it very slow and there was lots of time admiring the conveniently placed benches up close. We walked as much as we could, hopped on the free tram for a bit, walked some more, and hopped on the tram. At times it felt like we were the only ones in the park, surprised to find huge sculptures hiding among the trees, unseen by those who decided to stick on the tram. Getting close to the beautiful meandering stone wall that is lovely for both the way it meanders between each tree in its path and the amazing craftsmanship of a bygone era. Appreciating the deliberate way each rivet and fin provide form and function to Calder’s impossible giants. We felt very small in the huge open fields standing next to hulking pieces of steel. We decided that next year we may have to get a season pass so we can stop and enjoy more often.


Did I say German? I meant Swedish.

A while back I made the claim that I wish I was German because it seems that all of the most wonderful felt objects are made in Germany. Well now I decided I would like to be Swedish. Not only is one of my very dear friends of Swedish descent (Hey, U!) but to seems that whenever I see a clean, lovely, white room with colorful tasteful accents and beautiful wood details, it is an image from a Swedish blog. Today the object of my envy is the beautiful wood fire wooden hot tub pictured above on Skona Hem. In this weather, I personally could only imagine this as a cold plunge rather than a hot tub but it is such a lovely contrast to the fiberglass monstrosities we favor in the States. I would love to have one of these at our upstate retreat, you know, once we have running water. Do you think they all come with that view?!

Gourmet Street Meat

NY food trucks were once only reserved for fearless persons with an iron stomach. Sure you could get some street meat with rice and beans, but would you make it to the end of the day without incident? You were fairly happy with that dirty water dog on the way down, but did you really want to be tasting it all afternoon? Move over scary street food, now you can get a Kobe beef burger and Belgian waffle with the works from a brand new type of food truck. In the past few years gourmet food trucks have been popping up and around all over the city. Cheaper than a storefront and more portable now these vendors can peddle their delectables in Midtown for lunch and Soho for dinner. And most will tweet their location so you know exactly when dumplings will be available on a street corner near you. While not cheap, most are very reasonably priced for the quality of food you get. If you are curious about the 25 best new and veteran food trucks, NY Magazine has it all laid out for you with the most adorable truck icons. via

Subway Strap

As a height challenged strap hanger I try my best to either find a seat or a vertical bar to grab onto when riding to and fro. Sadly there are times when I find myself dangling from a bar that is way above my head which is comfortable for about three seconds after which point it is painful. I need to start carrying one of these cool DIY subway straps by Instructable’s user Frenz. I would definitely make one that had something grippy on the hook otherwise I would be flying around at every stop and start of the train. via

Big News

So I know I have been pretty quiet here lately and I promise I have a good reason. M&I are having a baby! The first trimester left me pretty tired and a little queasy and I have been so excited about the whole thing that I couldn’t imagine writing blog posts without spilling the beans. I am due in early Decemeber and so far things have been going well. We don’t know if it is a boy or girl yet but we will be finding out soon. Now that the cat is out of the bag and I am finally feeling a bit better I can get back to a more regular posting schedule. I think I may have to get a tshirt with this too cute graphic on it.

Breaking Bad and Breakfast Burritos

I took pictures, but they are still on the camera. I will update the post later today.

I am pretty sure I have mentioned the M&I used to live in Santa Fe. While there were very valid reasons we left (apparently we were not cut out for the Southwest) there are things that we miss. One of the things we miss is breakfast burritos. I know, shockingly it is food related. My favorite place for the an on the go burrito in Santa Fe is El Parasol on Cerrillos Road (pronounced Cer-ree’-yōse).  I recommend their green chile, potato, egg, and cheese burrito with chorizo if you are feeling like some meat. Yum. You can get a lot of things in NY, but a good breakfast burrito ain’t one of those things. Every once in a while we attempt to recreate breakfast burritos at home. It seemed only fitting that we start watching the third season of Breaking Bad while having breakfast. In case you are unfamiliar with Breaking Bad, it is set in Albuquerque, NM and they have actually done a decent job with the set design so you feel like they are in the Southwest as opposed to a generic place that could be anywhere. While I highly recommend the show, I definitely would say you should start watching from the beginning. The season three opener was a little slow and at times confusing even to us and we have seen the first two seasons. I can only imagine someone starting from this point would be completely lost and wonder why I suggested they watch.

Lettuce Overload

M&I have been wanting to join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for a while. The thing holding us back is  the weekend pickups. Sometimes we are upstate, sometimes we are in Brooklyn which makes it difficult to adhere to a pickup schedule in either place. Luckily a I found a CSA still accepting new members that has a pick up in the Union Square Market on Mondays. Perfect! I expect I will be getting plenty of stuff I wouldn’t normally buy which will mean experimentation in the kitchen.

This week we have:

2 pints of apple cider
2 heads of lettuce
2 bunch of spinach
1 bunch of radishes
1 pint of strawberries

I am excited that this farm has decided to include things like cider and strawberries, many times you have to buy a separate fruit share. So we have a lot of greens this week and I am not a fan of salad (which is weird because it seems like everyone else in my family loves salad) so I am trying to figure out what else we can make. So far we will be making fish tacos with shredded lettuce, chicken lettuce wraps, spinach pesto, and, because it can not be avoided entirely, salad. I am still on the search for more recipes since I am fairly certain this is not our last bunch of lettuce. Thanks to Diane I know that lettuce with candied walnuts, strawberries, shaved Parmesan cheese, and a mustard vinaigrette is not only easy to make but doesn’t feel like your normal old boring salad.

Eating Well on $1 a Day

I will admit that when it comes to money I am a strange bird. I will pinch pennies in certain places and spend like crazy in others. There is no real rhyme or reason to my madness other than the thinking that if I do save in certain areas it will be ok to spend in others. It will all balance itself out. I learned recently that I am in good company when it comes to this way of thinking. So it is no surprise that I have been totally sucked into reading about how Jeffrey of Grocery Coupon Guide made a bet with his sister that he could eat well on $1 a day using coupons from the internet, circulars in papers, and coupons found in the grocery store. Although I am not willing to go to the same lengths to which Jeffrey has gone to make this happen, it is a fascinating read. He has creatively used salt from the bottom of a bag of chips and V8 as a flavoring for bland foods, eaten some combinations which he admits should not be attempted, but also managed to eat servings of fruits and vegetables everyday, and make substantial donations to local food banks. You can read about the restrictions placed on this experiment and find links chronicling what he bought and ate each day here.


Make Mine a Mini

A few weeks ago I attended my first summer BBQ of 2010 at our friends’ garden apartment. Don’t even get me started on how lucky they are to have a backyard oasis in the heart of Park Slope. The temperature was in the 80s so it already felt like the middle of summer. As with most event’s at M&M’s home, there were many tasty dishes to be had. Fall off the bone slow roasted ribs, premium quality hot dogs, yummy potato salad, coleslaw, and mini burgers with all the fixins. While mini burgers might not sound like such a big deal, I thought they were brilliant. Usually you have to choose carefully or risk being overstuffed. With a mini burger you can have a burger, ribs, potato salad, dessert and then if you are M you go back for a hot dog. From now on when entertaining I am going to steal the mini burger idea.