Lettuce Overload

M&I have been wanting to join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for a while. The thing holding us back is  the weekend pickups. Sometimes we are upstate, sometimes we are in Brooklyn which makes it difficult to adhere to a pickup schedule in either place. Luckily a I found a CSA still accepting new members that has a pick up in the Union Square Market on Mondays. Perfect! I expect I will be getting plenty of stuff I wouldn’t normally buy which will mean experimentation in the kitchen.

This week we have:

2 pints of apple cider
2 heads of lettuce
2 bunch of spinach
1 bunch of radishes
1 pint of strawberries

I am excited that this farm has decided to include things like cider and strawberries, many times you have to buy a separate fruit share. So we have a lot of greens this week and I am not a fan of salad (which is weird because it seems like everyone else in my family loves salad) so I am trying to figure out what else we can make. So far we will be making fish tacos with shredded lettuce, chicken lettuce wraps, spinach pesto, and, because it can not be avoided entirely, salad. I am still on the search for more recipes since I am fairly certain this is not our last bunch of lettuce. Thanks to Diane I know that lettuce with candied walnuts, strawberries, shaved Parmesan cheese, and a mustard vinaigrette is not only easy to make but doesn’t feel like your normal old boring salad.


2 Replies to “Lettuce Overload”

  1. hmmm, you do realize lettuce is going to figure LARGE for most of the summer? Some suggestions:
    * take to the shore and share with family
    * add it to a cooked dish like you would other greens. yes it will wilt more but at least you will use it up
    * make M eat all the lettuce
    * invite friends for “salad friday” every week and you go out for dinner

  2. We have already decided that while we would not go out and buy this much lettuce it is better for us to be forced to eat it. Thanks for the suggestions. I kind of like the idea of “salad friday” where we invite friends over and then we leave to go out to dinner forcing them to eat salad.

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