Breaking Bad and Breakfast Burritos

I took pictures, but they are still on the camera. I will update the post later today.

I am pretty sure I have mentioned the M&I used to live in Santa Fe. While there were very valid reasons we left (apparently we were not cut out for the Southwest) there are things that we miss. One of the things we miss is breakfast burritos. I know, shockingly it is food related. My favorite place for the an on the go burrito in Santa Fe is El Parasol on Cerrillos Road (pronounced Cer-ree’-yōse).  I recommend their green chile, potato, egg, and cheese burrito with chorizo if you are feeling like some meat. Yum. You can get a lot of things in NY, but a good breakfast burrito ain’t one of those things. Every once in a while we attempt to recreate breakfast burritos at home. It seemed only fitting that we start watching the third season of Breaking Bad while having breakfast. In case you are unfamiliar with Breaking Bad, it is set in Albuquerque, NM and they have actually done a decent job with the set design so you feel like they are in the Southwest as opposed to a generic place that could be anywhere. While I highly recommend the show, I definitely would say you should start watching from the beginning. The season three opener was a little slow and at times confusing even to us and we have seen the first two seasons. I can only imagine someone starting from this point would be completely lost and wonder why I suggested they watch.


One Reply to “Breaking Bad and Breakfast Burritos”

  1. “Breaking Bad” has been filmed in Albuquerque and I recently read it will continue to be. What better way to get authentic set design. I think the only way to convey New Mexico is by filming in New Mexico.

    Did you want me to send a burrito from El Parasol?

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