Storm King

Photo courtesy of Jay Erikson’s photostream

For approximately 8 1/2 of the last 9 years M&I have talked about going to Storm King. As we speed down the Thruway weekend after weekend catching a peek of the sculptures through the trees we inevitably mumble about how we really need to go. Finally the day has come. Saturday the weather was absolutely perfect, low humidity, not too terribly hot, basically the perfect day to get lost and see some art. After a lazy morning and more traffic than either of us care to remember (did everyone in NY have the idea to get out of the city at the same time?!) we arrived at the park at around 3pm. This actually turned out to be a happy accident. We missed the hottest part of the day and we were in prime shadow time. With me being a little more encumbered than usual (hey, I am walking for two here!) we took it very slow and there was lots of time admiring the conveniently placed benches up close. We walked as much as we could, hopped on the free tram for a bit, walked some more, and hopped on the tram. At times it felt like we were the only ones in the park, surprised to find huge sculptures hiding among the trees, unseen by those who decided to stick on the tram. Getting close to the beautiful meandering stone wall that is lovely for both the way it meanders between each tree in its path and the amazing craftsmanship of a bygone era. Appreciating the deliberate way each rivet and fin provide form and function to Calder’s impossible giants. We felt very small in the huge open fields standing next to hulking pieces of steel. We decided that next year we may have to get a season pass so we can stop and enjoy more often.


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