Did I say German? I meant Swedish.

A while back I made the claim that I wish I was German because it seems that all of the most wonderful felt objects are made in Germany. Well now I decided I would like to be Swedish. Not only is one of my very dear friends of Swedish descent (Hey, U!) but to seems that whenever I see a clean, lovely, white room with colorful tasteful accents and beautiful wood details, it is an image from a Swedish blog. Today the object of my envy is the beautiful wood fire wooden hot tub pictured above on Skona Hem. In this weather, I personally could only imagine this as a cold plunge rather than a hot tub but it is such a lovely contrast to the fiberglass monstrosities we favor in the States. I would love to have one of these at our upstate retreat, you know, once we have running water. Do you think they all come with that view?!

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