Make Mine a Mini

A few weeks ago I attended my first summer BBQ of 2010 at our friends’ garden apartment. Don’t even get me started on how lucky they are to have a backyard oasis in the heart of Park Slope. The temperature was in the 80s so it already felt like the middle of summer. As with most event’s at M&M’s home, there were many tasty dishes to be had. Fall off the bone slow roasted ribs, premium quality hot dogs, yummy potato salad, coleslaw, and mini burgers with all the fixins. While mini burgers might not sound like such a big deal, I thought they were brilliant. Usually you have to choose carefully or risk being overstuffed. With a mini burger you can have a burger, ribs, potato salad, dessert and then if you are M you go back for a hot dog. From now on when entertaining I am going to steal the mini burger idea.


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