Improved Candy Hearts

3233933326_c97e65e68cI am not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. At some point February 14th became the time for ridiculous mark-ups on flowers and candy that will be 75% off on February 15th. Yes, I am a jaded New Yorker. So sue me. I have to admit that I have a soft spot for the idea of candy hearts. I say the idea of them, because I don’t really love the taste. I do however love the taste of shortbread and the idea of spray painting cookies. If this sounds good to you, head on over to Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories (love the name!) because this is the post for you! Wonderful step by step instructions with pictures to make these adorable over-sized hearts. The geeky messages are a nice addition. Maybe this year my sweetie and I will spend some quality time together baking cookies. To me, that is the spirit of Valentine’s Day. via


2 Feet vs 10 Feet

boxee-netflixM&I are still quite happy with our decision to cut off cable. The money savings is nice and we haven’t noticed any huge disadvantages. At least not any that don’t have solution. At the moment we are running Windows XP on a 19″ monitor for now (a new TV purchase is in our near future) and that means that the text can sometimes be itty bitty from the couch. We often have to get up close to see what we are going to be clicking on. Well lucky for us, Life Hacker just posed a question to readers asking which they would rate as the best media center solution. We want to test out Boxee, but unfortunately it is only available for Mac. We have nothing against Macs, in fact we are generally a mac household. It is just that PCs are a few steps ahead when it comes to online watching. I will let you know when we have all the kinks worked out. I want to be clear this solution is not for everyone. There is no just turning on the TV and watching whatever is on Lifetime or TruTV. Also if you like sports you will have to make sure you get at least some reception over the air. I might suggest if you were going to try it, try cutting down to basic cable first and see how it goes. It is also helpful to have a full-time computer tech in the house. We just so happen to have one permanently on staff.


Lately I have been listening to the same album on my iPhone instead of shuffling. I know, how old school. I don’t listen to it in order if that is any consolation. I guess mostly because I don’t want to be skipping all aroung when I am on the subway. I would rather set it and not think about it. Well today for kicks while my favorite song on the album was playing I hit the genius button. Now I have a playlist of 25 songs from my iPhone which are similar. Just like that. I know, genius has been around for a while. I know, it is really a little lame I haven’t tried it yet. What can I say, sometimes I am a creature of habit. Better late than never.

I Gave In

I have been on the hunt for a new phone for a while now. I had a Nokia e62 and while I liked the full size keyboard I wasn’t thrilled with the sluggish symbian operating system. I am a mac girl so what I really wanted was an iPhone. But I am cranky at Apple and mostly ATT for making us get an unlimited data plan and pay for text messages. The original iPhone users weren’t hit with such penalties… I digress. Well as it turns out, the phones I like require a data plan. So, I gave in. If I am going to pay a data plan I might as well do it for an iPhone. I went for the white. Now I am on the hunt for a case. I found a screen protector and snap on back for a very reasonable price. I was thinking it would be nice to have a pouch for it to slip in as well. I of course did a search on felt cases and turned up these lovely ones by Red Maloo. German, of course. (You may recognize their laptop cover as having made the rounds) Not sold in the US… of course. I am now remembering that I saw their booth at ICFF this year and used all the will power I had and didn’t buy anything. Not that I knew I would have an iPhone then. I do have some felt at home itching to be made into something lovely. You can check them out here.


Sometimes M&I are a little a head of the curve. Getting rid of cable and watching TV on-line is one of those instances. Hardware was pretty easy. A Mac mini running Windows XP so we can watch Netflix “Watch Instantly” movies. A mini wireless keyboard with touch pad is on the way for easier navigating. An LCD computer monitor as a placeholder for a flat screen TV we have been thinking about for a while. Now that we have committed to getting rid of cable, I have noticed how many shows are available on-line and how many programs are available to catch these shows and make watching easier. Unfortunately there is no one program or site that catches them all. In order to keep up with most of the shows we watch, we have a Hulu account. NBC, USA, Comedy Central, Fox… most stations. But not CBS or ABC… so for CBS we have Adobe Media Player, ABC has its own player through their site. Sigh. Both Hulu and AMP offer extras that I wasn’t expected. For instance, I was a late comer to Arrested Development. Fabulous show and now I can watch the whole series on Hulu. If you didn’t run out and buy Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog like me, you can watch in HD on Hulu for free. If you would really love to watch Ghostbusters again, no problem. AMP has a Stephen King series called N. It is basically a graphic novel read for us with stills, broken into 2 min increments. There are still a few shows that don’t seem to be available easily. Does it sound a little weird that we are going through all this trouble? My crystal ball tells me this is going to get easier as time goes on. Summer was a good time to get things in place and Fall should help get the system streamlined. Major, major plus, no more time spend holding or waiting for Time Warner to fix problems.

Baby Steps

Hey kids, check me out! I finally found someone to help me with the more technical part of blogging (thanks J!) and now if you go to, you get to my wordpress blog. Yeah! There is no need to make a change, for the moment I am just redirecting.  Thanks for your patience.

Mac in a PC World

I work in an architecture firm, which means they use CAD which means they all work on PCs. I am lucky enough to not have to work on a PC, which is great in most scenarios. Except when an architect asks, “Can you send me the path to that?” I guess… They think it is so easy because they have an address bar at the top and they just copy and paste. I was typing in the path by hand. Crazy, I know. Today I decided I was mad as hell and I wasn’t going to take it anymore. Actually I was thinking that there had to be a better way. There are a few better ways. Some of them include buying a plug in, and I wasn’t down with that. Some included scripts… huh? But this one I found in the comments of an OSX Hints post was just right! It is the little things in life.

JondorZ says:

Sat May 10 08:34:59 PDT 2008

Re: Copy paths from Finder selections

I got one new easy method:

Go to System Preferences>Keyboard & Mouse

under the tab ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’, click the plus sign at the bottom left.

Set the application to: ‘Finder’

Menu Title: ‘New Window Containing Selection’ (CASE SENSITIVE)

Set the keyboard shortcut to: ‘Command-G’ (If you dun like this key, u may change it to your preference)

Then in finder you just need to press the new keyboard shortcut key, in my case i press Command-G. A textedit with the file path will be opened and there u are! Viola!

NO dragging, NO multiple key strokes, NO right clicking and of course NO 3rd party plug-in!!!


I admit, I heard about Wordle months ago but didn’t think it could be all that cool. I kept seeing posts about how great it was and how customizable and blah blah blah. Well the blah blah is true. It actually is quite a neat program and can make your words (in my case I added my blog address) look lovely with their custom palettes or if you have time to play you can create your own. This last time via.

Cable Free!

M&I decided to cancel our cable service. It sounds crazy, I know. We haven’t had cable for the last two days because of some glitch and we have been surviving without it. Don’t get me wrong, I still plan to watch my shows when they start up again in the fall. I will also be watching plenty of TV. I am just going to be doing it differently. In these past few days we realized we missed a few shows and that would make it a little difficult to keep up. You may already know this, but now almost every show has the latest episodes online available. For free. Once that occured to me, I started to wonder why I was paying so much to watch these shows. I have to say, it helps to have a computer tech as a husband. Right now we are able to watch TV through a mac mini that we have hooked up through our tuner. It is a lot like watching TV normally, we just have to use a keyboard and mouse to get to some of the shows. With our iPhone and iTouch we are working on that also.