I Gave In

I have been on the hunt for a new phone for a while now. I had a Nokia e62 and while I liked the full size keyboard I wasn’t thrilled with the sluggish symbian operating system. I am a mac girl so what I really wanted was an iPhone. But I am cranky at Apple and mostly ATT for making us get an unlimited data plan and pay for text messages. The original iPhone users weren’t hit with such penalties… I digress. Well as it turns out, the phones I like require a data plan. So, I gave in. If I am going to pay a data plan I might as well do it for an iPhone. I went for the white. Now I am on the hunt for a case. I found a screen protector and snap on back for a very reasonable price. I was thinking it would be nice to have a pouch for it to slip in as well. I of course did a search on felt cases and turned up these lovely ones by Red Maloo. German, of course. (You may recognize their laptop cover as having made the rounds) Not sold in the US… of course. I am now remembering that I saw their booth at ICFF this year and used all the will power I had and didn’t buy anything. Not that I knew I would have an iPhone then. I do have some felt at home itching to be made into something lovely. You can check them out here.


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