Sometimes M&I are a little a head of the curve. Getting rid of cable and watching TV on-line is one of those instances. Hardware was pretty easy. A Mac mini running Windows XP so we can watch Netflix “Watch Instantly” movies. A mini wireless keyboard with touch pad is on the way for easier navigating. An LCD computer monitor as a placeholder for a flat screen TV we have been thinking about for a while. Now that we have committed to getting rid of cable, I have noticed how many shows are available on-line and how many programs are available to catch these shows and make watching easier. Unfortunately there is no one program or site that catches them all. In order to keep up with most of the shows we watch, we have a Hulu account. NBC, USA, Comedy Central, Fox… most stations. But not CBS or ABC… so for CBS we have Adobe Media Player, ABC has its own player through their site. Sigh. Both Hulu and AMP offer extras that I wasn’t expected. For instance, I was a late comer to Arrested Development. Fabulous show and now I can watch the whole series on Hulu. If you didn’t run out and buy Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog like me, you can watch in HD on Hulu for free. If you would really love to watch Ghostbusters again, no problem. AMP has a Stephen King series called N. It is basically a graphic novel read for us with stills, broken into 2 min increments. There are still a few shows that don’t seem to be available easily. Does it sound a little weird that we are going through all this trouble? My crystal ball tells me this is going to get easier as time goes on. Summer was a good time to get things in place and Fall should help get the system streamlined. Major, major plus, no more time spend holding or waiting for Time Warner to fix problems.


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