Mac in a PC World

I work in an architecture firm, which means they use CAD which means they all work on PCs. I am lucky enough to not have to work on a PC, which is great in most scenarios. Except when an architect asks, “Can you send me the path to that?” I guess… They think it is so easy because they have an address bar at the top and they just copy and paste. I was typing in the path by hand. Crazy, I know. Today I decided I was mad as hell and I wasn’t going to take it anymore. Actually I was thinking that there had to be a better way. There are a few better ways. Some of them include buying a plug in, and I wasn’t down with that. Some included scripts… huh? But this one I found in the comments of an OSX Hints post was just right! It is the little things in life.

JondorZ says:

Sat May 10 08:34:59 PDT 2008

Re: Copy paths from Finder selections

I got one new easy method:

Go to System Preferences>Keyboard & Mouse

under the tab ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’, click the plus sign at the bottom left.

Set the application to: ‘Finder’

Menu Title: ‘New Window Containing Selection’ (CASE SENSITIVE)

Set the keyboard shortcut to: ‘Command-G’ (If you dun like this key, u may change it to your preference)

Then in finder you just need to press the new keyboard shortcut key, in my case i press Command-G. A textedit with the file path will be opened and there u are! Viola!

NO dragging, NO multiple key strokes, NO right clicking and of course NO 3rd party plug-in!!!


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