Cable Free!

M&I decided to cancel our cable service. It sounds crazy, I know. We haven’t had cable for the last two days because of some glitch and we have been surviving without it. Don’t get me wrong, I still plan to watch my shows when they start up again in the fall. I will also be watching plenty of TV. I am just going to be doing it differently. In these past few days we realized we missed a few shows and that would make it a little difficult to keep up. You may already know this, but now almost every show has the latest episodes online available. For free. Once that occured to me, I started to wonder why I was paying so much to watch these shows. I have to say, it helps to have a computer tech as a husband. Right now we are able to watch TV through a mac mini that we have hooked up through our tuner. It is a lot like watching TV normally, we just have to use a keyboard and mouse to get to some of the shows. With our iPhone and iTouch we are working on that also.


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