2 Feet vs 10 Feet

boxee-netflixM&I are still quite happy with our decision to cut off cable. The money savings is nice and we haven’t noticed any huge disadvantages. At least not any that don’t have solution. At the moment we are running Windows XP on a 19″ monitor for now (a new TV purchase is in our near future) and that means that the text can sometimes be itty bitty from the couch. We often have to get up close to see what we are going to be clicking on. Well lucky for us, Life Hacker just posed a question to readers asking which they would rate as the best media center solution. We want to test out Boxee, but unfortunately it is only available for Mac. We have nothing against Macs, in fact we are generally a mac household. It is just that PCs are a few steps ahead when it comes to online watching. I will let you know when we have all the kinks worked out. I want to be clear this solution is not for everyone. There is no just turning on the TV and watching whatever is on Lifetime or TruTV. Also if you like sports you will have to make sure you get at least some reception over the air. I might suggest if you were going to try it, try cutting down to basic cable first and see how it goes. It is also helpful to have a full-time computer tech in the house. We just so happen to have one permanently on staff.


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