One of my beefs with CFLs has always been that while they are super energy efficient and last 10 times as long as an incandescent bulb they have are just meh when it comes to style. So if you have a fixture that doesn’t hide your bulb, you have a meh looking bulb hanging out for all to see. The Plumen bulbs are the perfect example of how form doesn’t have to take a back seat to function. Sadly they are only available in Europe until next year.

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New Life for Cashmere

At the risk of repeating myself, I heart cashmere. So much so that even when a sweater isn’t quite right on me anymore, I have trouble letting it go. I have been considering what I might be able to do with these misfits considering my limited sewing skills. A cashmere baby blanket seems well within what I can accomplish but I do wish I was able to do something a little more special. Something perhaps like these endangered stuffies by the ladies behind Modifyd who use the all pieces and parts of garment industry cast-offs to make pillows, cup cozies, and pet beds in addition to the stuffed animals. Personally I am in love with the elephants… for baby of course. OK, maybe for me too. Who’s up for a little thrift store cashmere hunting? via

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Holiday Cabana

I am not sure what I like best about this lakeside retreat in Sri Lanka. Maybe it is the creative use of a shipping container or that all the materials used were found on site. The nicely sized covered deck sitting on top of the container is a nice touch. Although maybe it is the incredible view of the lake and mountains. It looks wonderfully peaceful and I can imagine myself sitting on the deck sipping a faux-jito.

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Wood Wire Desk

You would think that living in a smallish NY apartment would deter M&I from taking on projects like building furniture. Well we have two couches built from scratch that suggest it isn’t as bad an idea as you would think. We have been hemming and hawing about a new computer desk for a while. The one we have is perfectly serviceable and nothing has come along to catch our eye. What we have now is a glass top metal desk that we picked up off the street on day. My main issue with the desk is that the wires are all over the place and it makes the desk look messy. I love the simplicity of this wooden desk top that is made to hide wires and look good doing it. In fact the only thing I love better than the simple design of this desk is the wonderfully simple, easy to follow, and beautifully designed instruction manual.


Piggy Power

Each year when we are choosing our charity gift donations for Christmas M&I talk about what we think would be good ways to encourage charitable giving in our children. While we had some ideas, none were as elegant as Piggy. This set of nesting momma (for personal savings) and baby (for charitable savings) piggies become a visual reminder to set aside a little bit of what we get for those less fortunate. Thankfully there is no need to take a hammer to these cuties. Once the banks are full there is a rubber stopper on the bottom to access funds. I have a weakness for pig shaped things and I find these to be especially adorable but I love the idea of choosing a cause that my little one can get behind.


Making Room for Baby

Some days my mind is on one thing and one thing only. Baby. Apparently there is a lot of stuff you need (as well as lots of adorable stuff you really don’t) out there that I would like to blog about. I could just start posting the baby related stuff here, but that just didn’t feel right. So I started a new blog. If you want to see what nursery decor, stroller, crib, etc is catching my eye you can head over to Making Room for Baby. Or not. I leave it up to you dear reader.