I realized recently that I have been wearing jeans to work way too much. To remedy this I went shopping for some pants. This is not something I generally look forward to because it is tough for me to find pants that actually fit. Apparently all the stars were aligned and I got super lucky. I got not one, not two, but 5 pair of pants. All too long of course so I had to have them hemmed. Last night M picked up the 3 pair I dropped at the tailor. I now have 3 new pair of work pants that are actually the right length. As a 5′-1″ tall woman, that is really something wonderful. Today I worn the brown cuffed pair. Tomorrow I think I will go for the black ones with the blue pin stripes. It is nice to have choices.


No More Folding Chairs

On Thursday M & I pick up our new dining room chairs. I suppose they would be considered our first piece of grown up furniture, meaning they aren’t from IKEA or a hand me down. We decided on two since our dining room, while spacious for your normal apartment in Brooklyn, is really not all that large.

Bad Ass Earrings

Over the weekend I got new earrings. They are little skulls. For some reason lately I have really been on a skull kick so these really spoke to me. It turns out that the artist had a much deeper meaning than just to be badass. “The skull is a reminder that all things will pass, that there is wisdom in living in the face of such mortality, and, therefore, we should live fully and mindfully.” Who woulda thunk?

70 Degrees in January

Michael and I had a lovely weekend together. Saturday the weather was unseasonably warm, record breaking in fact. We join the rest of Brooklyn and head over to the park to kick around a soccer ball for a while. It was so nice to get out and get moving.

Later that evening we head to dinner at Zaytoons. Before dinner we are strolling around a bit enjoying the warm weather and window shopping and we see Rob Corddry walk by. Since we are big Daily Show fans we recognize him immediately. We giggle to ourselves and walk on. While in a store debating over a computer bag for Michael, who do we see walk in, but Rob Corddry. I giggle some more and Michael tells me to grow up. We buy a computer bag and head to dinner. While on our way who do we see walking towards us? You guessed it. Rob Corddry. Mr. Corddry, if you are reading this, please stop stalking us.

My Very First Post

I am home sick from work looking at craft blogs thinking to myself, “Hey, I am crafty. Hey, I can take pictures… why don’t I have a blog?” I guess this is where I start.