I love corn. I love it on the cob, I love it in tortilla form, I love posole, I love corn bread, I am not a fan of polenta oddly enough, but I digress. A few years ago a nutritionist told me what I already knew in my heart of hearts, corn doesn’t like me. Now that we are part of a CSA we have been getting ears of corn. I figured half a cob isn’t going to hurt me and guess what, it didn’t. So then I decided to try some corn chips with guacamole, again feeling fine. Well a few more corn chips and ears of corn later it turns out corn still doesn’t like me. And the sweetest corn of all, NJ Silver Queen, is still to come. All you Star Trek geeks out there, I am going to need a little help from Bill Shatner to properly vent my frustration. If you are going to go ahead and pretend you aren’t a Star Trek geek see what I am talking about.


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