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Delightful Outdoor Fireplace

It is amazing with you can do with some scraps from a nearby construction site and a little imagination. This outdoor fireplace designed by architecture firm Haugen/Zohar is beautiful, even more so when it gets dark and the firelight creates a warm inviting glow. The whimsical form, based on traditional Norwegian turf huts, is intended to be a place to enjoy a fire, tell some stories, and play. I love the organic shape of the door and the way the top tips to one side. We need a place for smores making on the property, so I guess I better start saving our wood scraps. via

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TYIN tegnestue

Soe Ker Tie House, Noh Bo, Tak, Thailand

These structures by TYIN tegnestue, a non-profit organization run by five architecture students from NTNU, are just beautiful. Simple with their butterfly roofs, built to be open and airy with natural material using traditional methods, lain out in such a way that promotes community while giving a bit of privacy. It feels selfish to want one or three on my own property when the inhabitants of these delightful little buildings are orphaned Karen refugees. via

Soe Ker Tie House, Noh Bo, Tak, ThailandSoe Ker Tie House, Noh Bo, Tak, Thailand

elevA little more about TYIN tegnestue from the company’s website:

TYIN tegnestue is a non-profit organization working humanitarian through architecture. TYIN is run by five architect students from NTNU and the projects are financed by more than 60 Norwegian companies, as well as private contributions.

Through the course of the last year TYIN has worked with planning and constructing small scale projects in Thailand. We aim to build strategic projects that can improve the lives for people in difficult situations. Through extensive collaboration with locals, and mutual learning, we hope that our projects can have an impact beyond the physical structures.

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Lizbeth’s Dream Home


If you have read my about page then you know it is a dream of mine to build a home on our 18 acres of property and relax. I am not sure about the relaxing part but I am one step closer to the house! M&I are working with Chris of FORMan design to design a house. One day, half joking I used my facebook status to ask if any of the architects I went to school with wanted to design a house for me and Chris answered the call. We are in the dreaming (we need four shop buildings, a two bedroom main house, a tea house, and a two car garage with a drawing studio/guest house), siting (where the heck do we really want to put this house?!) and programming (what do you want to put in these buildings?) phase. At the moment the house is not what I would call tiny, but who knows where we will end up.


Beach Bum


There are days (truth be told, days like today) that I wish I could cash in and buy a place at beach. It wouldn’t have to be a big place but right on the ocean would be nice. I could get a job that allowed me to be outside all day, M could get something that would keep him in the shade. The reality is, we will probably not have a beach house. But I suppose that doesn’t mean I can’t have a sandy place next to water to call my own. Sunset has a DIY beach for your backyard. It won’t be the same without the the ocean, but my iPhone has an app to help with that.

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Great Outdoors


I live in NYC and I am not one of the lucky few to have a yard, balcony, patio or roof deck. On the opposite end of the spectrum, my weekend place is all outdoors with very little inside space (for now) so I am looking for inspiration on how to make it a fabulous place to spend my time relaxing. It just so happens that Apartment Therapy has the call out to  readers to send their little slices of outdoor heaven. I am not quite ready to submit mine, but I certainly appreciate all the creative ideas. I especially like this deck with LED lights. Apparetly LEDs don’t attract mosquitoes like other lights, and I need all the help I can get in mosquito avoidance. If I am out for more than 30 seconds without Deet, I will be lucky to get away with only a handful of bites. String lights are one of my favorite ways to light a space at night. They are just the right glow without being overpowering.