Little House in the Big Woods


This past weekend was a big one up at the property. I feel like I am going to be saying that a lot this summer… Anyway, this weekend Grandpa, Dad and Uncle Joe came up to help M & me and boy did we get a lot done. We built three 4′ x 8′ decks to extend our civilized area. We still have to paint the cabin (we are thinking red because we have a ton of red paint) and stain the deck but we now can go up, have a clean place to sleep and relax! We have a little fridge inside and this weekend we are going to be moving the grill to this area so we can cook out. My next project is to give the alum bench pictured here a little TLC. It is in fairly good shape, but it needs a good cleaning and some cushions. Our little homestead may not be huge (boy is that an understatement) but for now it is wonderful! Who knows, maybe this summer we can even have guests.


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