Lounging Outdoors


While out little house in the big woods is coming along, I feel like we are still missing a comfortable outdoor hang out space. We just recently finished the deck which is a big step forward and we have another deck under our gazebo roof started (and it is about time!) but we still need some outdoor furniture. Sunset Magazine is a long time favorite of mine and while I don’t get the print version I do like to poke around online and see what is cooking. I found instructions for this outdoor lounge made of PVC pipe and curtains, but to me the framework is not the most wonderful part. The chairs pictured here are fantastic! Low to the ground with pillows as back cushions they seem like just the think to sink into at the end of a day of work. I can’t see the couch in this view, but I imagine it to be a longer version of the chairs. And the coffee table is so simple but fits in perfectly! I have no idea where to purchase these beauties, but I am already figuring out how I can make them on my own.


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