Lizbeth’s Dream Home


If you have read my about page then you know it is a dream of mine to build a home on our 18 acres of property and relax. I am not sure about the relaxing part but I am one step closer to the house! M&I are working with Chris of FORMan design to design a house. One day, half joking I used my facebook status to ask if any of the architects I went to school with wanted to design a house for me and Chris answered the call. We are in the dreaming (we need four shop buildings, a two bedroom main house, a tea house, and a two car garage with a drawing studio/guest house), siting (where the heck do we really want to put this house?!) and programming (what do you want to put in these buildings?) phase. At the moment the house is not what I would call tiny, but who knows where we will end up.


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