Great Outdoors


I live in NYC and I am not one of the lucky few to have a yard, balcony, patio or roof deck. On the opposite end of the spectrum, my weekend place is all outdoors with very little inside space (for now) so I am looking for inspiration on how to make it a fabulous place to spend my time relaxing. It just so happens that Apartment Therapy has the call out to  readers to send their little slices of outdoor heaven. I am not quite ready to submit mine, but I certainly appreciate all the creative ideas. I especially like this deck with LED lights. Apparetly LEDs don’t attract mosquitoes like other lights, and I need all the help I can get in mosquito avoidance. If I am out for more than 30 seconds without Deet, I will be lucky to get away with only a handful of bites. String lights are one of my favorite ways to light a space at night. They are just the right glow without being overpowering.


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