DIY Shampoo


I recently made a change in my hair product choices. I stopped using anything with sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate or an ingredient ending in “one”. I did my best to choose products with ingredients whose names I could pronounce easily. I ended up with a very small bottle of clarifying shampoo, a larger bottle of conditioner and lotion. Yup, All I use in my hair after my shower is lotion. Want to hear something else you may not believe? I only shampoo about once a week. I have curly hair which is prone to dryness and frizz. I used to shampoo every other day, load on conditioners that promised to smooth the frizz and then goop on more conditioner, waxes, pomades, goodness knows what else. My hair is softer and less frizzy than ever and we haven’t quite hit the dog days of summer here, but I am feeling good about this new routine. Next time I need shampoo I am going to try one of these recipes. via image from corbis. my noni used to do this to my hair in the claw foot tub upstate NY.


2 Replies to “DIY Shampoo”

  1. I’ll vouch for the nicer hair- it also doesn’t nearly so crazy at the end of a day- there were some days when E’s hair was just-how do I put this gently-completely out of control. That’s gone.

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