Compost Heap

gnmkt drop off

When you live in a NY apartment real estate is precious, especially in the kitchen. Typically you have very little counter space and a tiny fridge. I have to say we are incredibly lucky that we have a full size fridge and while I am not sure you can ever have too much, we have enough counter space that we don’t feel too deprived. But when I started thinking about composting, I quickly decided that we just didn’t have the space. Besides, do I really need another project?!  It just so happens I very recently started a new job in a much more interesting part of town. There are more restaurants and shops that I know what to do with and best of all on Monday, Wednesday and Friday there is the Union Square market. One morning while strolling through on my way to work I noticed people dumping bags of stuff into garbage cans that weren’t your normal NYC street cans. It turns out The Lower East Side Ecology Center will accept my kitchen scraps and turn them into compost for me! Yeah! So now we have a little container in the fridge and when it is full I take in to work with me. I have been making a real effort to cut down on the amount of waste we produce and this will help just that much more.


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