Almond Milk


I have been on a where does my food come from kick lately. While I mostly blame Michael Pollan, I have to admit this has been brewing for a while. I was recently diagnosed with a corn allergy and I recently realized corn is really hard to avoid. Every time I ate ketchup, I was giving myself a healthy dose of corn. So I found a recipe for ketchup and made it myself without corn syrup. My first try was a touch too sweet but I think I have it figured out for my next batch. I have been juicing lemons and adding rosemary for my seltzer. Fresh really is better. Lately I have been reading a lot about almond milk and how easy it is to make and how it is a great substitute for milk. It is definitely time consuming I will give you that. The almonds soak overnight, then you strain them, then the milk sits overnight. I am halfway through the process so I will have to report on the results in a future post. I am just glad M is so patient.


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