Ride the City


I have been considering dusting off my bike lately and riding to work once in a while. My office is in the process of getting renovated (right now it looks a lot like the set of Office Space) and we may have bike storage in the office. This is very enticing since I am not too hip on the idea of leaving any bike out on the street. I have to say that the main thing holding me back is I am sort of terrified of riding my bike on the city streets. Which is why I am glad I stumbled upon Ride the City. I can put in my starting and ending address and choose if I want a safe, safer, or direct (potentially dangerous) route. Unfortunately there is no safer route between my house and work, but there is a safe route come Spring I may give it a try anyway. via


One Reply to “Ride the City”

  1. No safe route from home to work? send us the route to inspect via the “rate the route” link? it sends us the exact route with your comments. if there are streets that are particularly safe, let us know.

    ciao for now.

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