Sous Chef


I have lots of cookbooks, but I rarely open them. I usually start with an idea of what I want to make and then search Martha Stewart or Smitten Kitchen or some other trusted source for recipes. This means I have to either put my laptop in the line of fire (I am a very messy cook) or print the recipe which means wasting paper. M told me about an application called Sous Chef that he got as part of a bundle a while ago but like a lot of things M tells me, I didn’t pay close attention. Five years of marriage and I still haven’t learned that he knows his stuff! Today I have off work and I decided to finally open the program. I can’t believe how much I love the program already. Importing recipes is super easy and when it comes time to cook, you hit the full screen button and you can read the ingredients and directions from 10 feet away. There is voice control as well, I haven’t figured that out yet but it seems like a great feature. Now I can keep track of things that I made that I liked, make notes, add pictures and not waste paper. Apparently you can also find recipes based on what is in your fridge as well. I wonder if I can get a monitor built into my new kitchen…


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