Land Of Enchantment


This past week has been a blur of relaxing, sightseeing, and spending time with family in Santa Fe. I used to live here so I have a pretty good idea of the kind of stuff I like to see and do while I am here. Top on the list is a visit to 10,000 Waves. Waterfall tub, check, hot stone massage, check, salt glow, check. Even if you think you don’t like spas and you don’t like massages, trust me, you will like it there. Second on the list is eat green chile whenever possible. I managed to make it to the elusive Bobcat Bite for a green chile cheeseburger and of course no trip would be complete without a meal at La Choza. Not to shabby. My favorite burger is still from The Burger Joint but they don’t have green chile. I also walked around the Plaza, went to Madrid, and have a stroll planned for Canyon Road, all to visit galleries and shops. If you find yourself in the City Different, check out this city guide at Design*Sponge. image via

Update: I was scolded by my New Mexican family for using chili to refer to chile. One is the dish with meat and beans and the other is the pepper. My bad. It has been corrected in this post. I would also like to add that today I had the green chile cheeseburger from La Casa Sena which blew the one from Bobcat Bite away and rivaled that of The Burger Joint.


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