Five Years


As you can see we definitely need a better set up for picture taking.

M&I just celebrated our fifth anniversary. We have never really been big on big anniversary hoopla with presents and parties or fancy restaurants so this year while talking about what we wanted to do, we decided to make a miniature wedding cake. Armed with the cupcake cafe vanilla cake recipe, smitten kitchen’s mango curd and swiss buttercream recipes we felt up for the task. Here is the blow by blow. Monday: Shopping for 3″, 4″ and 5″ cake pans, gum paste mix and tools, and frosting colors. Tuesday: Make gum paste and let sit for 24 hours. Wednesday: Temperature in the apartment is 90 degrees, pull out all recipes, realize we do not have nearly enough eggs or sugar or butter, realize that we have papayas and not mangoes, separate more eggs than I have ever in my life, bake cakes, make and color buttercream, start making gum paste flowers. Thursday: Temperature in the apartment is 85 degrees, shop for missing ingredients, separate more eggs, make mango curd, make more gum paste flowers. Friday: Take all our pieces and parts to put together a mighty fine cake! All in all the cake came out very well. It was nice to spend all that time together working on a project. Baking a cake is very similar to creating a sculpture only your final product is edible. What would I do differently? Wait until it was at least 20 degrees cooler!


4 Replies to “Five Years”

  1. Congrats! That’s a nice looking cake, I especially like the birds on top. I’m reminded of David Bowie’s song: “5 years!, My brain hurts a lot!”


  2. Awesome! Totally beautiful and sounds like an adventure together! I will remember that when the time comes for something cool to do for one of my special occasions. Share tips, recipes, etc. I am very into the whole cake making thing and might pick it up as a new hobby here soon when isabela is a little more set in a schedule.

  3. 5 years???? dang. good job!!! did you really make that cake? cuz that’s awesome! make me one? for my welcome back dinner. i get one of those right? anyways, definitely really cool, and start blogging more. k thanks biggest sis. love you!

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