Highline and High Fahion


This past weekend, M’s sister Kelly came for a visit. When people are in town we tend to take them to the same places. It is easy, we know what to expect. Not this weekend! We started at the Brooklyn Flea which where we enjoyed People’s Pops and Shave Ice. I had a roasted apricot and lavender pop, M had a peach shave ice and K had a cantaloupe pop. All delicious. From there we headed to the Highline. This park is amazing, if you are in NY you should absolutely check it out. Then off to Chelsea Market for some cupcakes before we headed over to the meatpacking district to browse through racks of clothes we couldn’t possible hope to afford. This is where we veered back to what we know. Roasted corn and rice pudding in Soho and shredded orange chicken in our hood. I think we need to have guests in town more often.


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