A Sound by Any Other Name

We are staying in a little town called Te Anau. Last night we took a trip to see glowworms. Trust me, there are not the cute cuddly glowworms of our childhood. They glow, but they also eat bugs and sometimes eat other, which doesn’t make them seem to cuddly. The main reason we are here is our trip to Doubtful Sound. Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of it either. It seems to be the less well known sound of the area (Milford is the biggie here.) This morning we drove to the boat which took us to the bus which took us to the boat (with a side trip to the Manipouri power station) which took us around the sound. Yes, there was a lot of travel involved. 8 hours total. And sand flies. Ugh. If I never see another sand fly it will be too soon! Even with the travel and bug bites, it was fantastic. The weather was very good which means there was lots of fog and only some rain. Although less rain does mean less waterfalls. I spent a lot of time on deck taking pictures against the wind and rain and spray from the boat. M took this one of me “flying” in the wind. We saw some seals, some penguins and even a few dolphins. There were some amazing views and I would say it is definitely a highlight of the trip so far.


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