Flat White

I am a coffee drinker. I generally start my normal day at home with a cup of ice coffee with half and half. Here I have to adjust that a bit. An ice coffee here is coffee with ice cream. Now I don’t have anything against ice cream, but I would rather not come back from this trip having gained 300 pounds. OK, I can be flexible. The hotels seem to be well stocked in coffee crystals. I am not sure I am ready to lower my standards quite that much. What are the other options? Coffee houses here brew expresso drinks, which I happen to like so no problem there. Looking at the list I can order a short black, a long black or a flat white in addition to the more familiar looking lattes and cappuccinos. Huh? The kiwi to english translation of these unfamiliar drinks is as follows:
short black = expresso
long black = cafe americano = expresso + water
flat white = expresso + milk
I am still not entirely sure what the difference is between a flat white and a latte. Some mysteries may not be solved on this trip.


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