The Knitting Itch

I am starting to get the knitting itch again. Although the temperatures are hovering in the 90s again this week (seriously, enough already!) my fingers are dying to get knitting and purling once again. Last week I was on a hunt to find a pattern for the perfect baby cocoon to make sure I had not only something to keep the little one warm but more importantly to get that all too cute newborn picture. Today I saw a project that really got my fingers in the mood to get my needles clacking. Blair over at wisecraft is knitting a garter stitch square blanket. I love this picture, I love the colors, and I love that it is all garter stitch squares. Very little measuring or counting and no thinking necessary, what could be more perfect for the woman who only knits scarves. Once my idle hands are busy knitting away my mind is free to finally get some peace. I believe this is because my monkey brain (this is a meditation term and although I haven’t mastered meditation I certainly know the feeling of a mind skipping from one thought to another) is finally focused on something. I just happen to have skeins and skeins of natural wool begging for me to finally try the kool-aid dye technique and get to knitting. What kool-aid flavor will make grey…

Reversible Scarf

I admit it, I horde yarn. I can’t help it. It comes in way too many wonderful textures and pretty colors and I love that I can use my own two hands to make it into something. Knitting is my way of meditating. The repetition of knitting and purling is so soothing. I love to knit scarves, no pesky gauge swatch necessary and they always fit! One of my requirements is that the pattern be reversible so that it won’t curl and I don’t have to knit two sides to hide stuff. This pattern from craftzine caught my eye for two reasons. One, it is green. Two, it is a little more complicated than what I usually knit, but has a great texture and looks like it repeats, so once I get that down I don’t have to constantly look at the pattern. Helpful if I want to take my knitting on the subway. I have just the yarn at home to get started on this one.

Cosy Knitting


The temperature has started to fall in the Big Apple which means I am feeling more inclined to have big piles of yarn in my lap to help keep me warm. I started my first blanket of the season yesterday after ripping out my first blanket of last season which I had stopped working on because I wasn’t happy with how the colors were working together and I wasn’t happy crocheting. After hours of unraveling and balling the yarn I cast on about 100 stitches with my size 20 circular needles. I am using three strands of worsted weight acrylic that I bought forever ago. I know, I know I don’t normally use acrylic but it really is the best for blankets because I can throw it in the wash. It is the perfect mindless meditative activity since I am knitting every row. I didn’t do a gauge swatch so I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out. I don’t normally like the look of the garter stitch but so far I am loving the openness of the stitch with the bumpy texture. I don’t have quite enough to keep much more than my lap warm, but luckily I can use past years blankets for now.

Button Up

hats_buttontabs_pattern2The weather this past weekend was amazing and the coming weekend is looking like it is shaping up to be just as nice. So why am I showing you pictures of knit button hats? Because they are just too cute to wait until the fall! I love the different combinations of decorative ribbing and buttons. I just happen to have one crazy big button stash waiting for a project like this. Besides if I start now there is a much better chance it will actually have it finished for the cold weather. You can get the free pattern here.

More Felt Love

After posting the felted pin cushion I started to get the itch to make something myself and what better than a felted bag! Mags Kandis posted this beautiful free pattern for a bucket bag. I especially love the embroidery embellishments. In fact if you click around Mags’ site you will see a lot of inspirational embellishments. I am also intrigued by the link to and I plan to find out what they are all about.



While browsing around Supermarket I saw these adorable felted pin pods. The design and the color are just wonderful. So vibrant and rich. It helps that they are made of my favorite material in the world. I especially like the view of their cute little bottoms. I don’t think I could decide on just one! If I were more of a sewer I might consider, but $62 is a little dear for someone who hasn’t managed to sew a straight line in years. The felted bowls on her site remind me I have some yarn waiting to be knitted and felted into some bowl shapes of their own.

Knitting Season

I don’t knit in the summer. It is just feels wrong to me to have a huge pile of yarn in my lap when it is 80 degrees and the humidity it through the roof. Today is an especially crisp lovely late summer/early fall day here in NY and I have started to think it might be time to break out my needles again. These patterns for fruit cosies might be just the think I need to get back into the swing of things. via

Dreams of Knitting a Sweater

Pamela of Flint Knits modified a baby sweater pattern by Elizabeth Zimmermann and knit this amazing sweater. The color is wonderful, really amazing (and of course no longer available!), and it looks like it would be so flattering. She has posted the pattern for free on her site. It makes me want one! If only I was brave enough to knit a sweater. via

Slarf! Slarf!

I don’t usually click on ads that show up at the top of my gmail account, but today I couldn’t resist. The ad was for, 2-in-1 Arm-warmer/Scarf site! A stylish and efficient accessory. OK, I will bite. A slarf is actually quite cute and something I have been meaning to knit for myself. I like the idea of thumb holes.