Cosy Knitting


The temperature has started to fall in the Big Apple which means I am feeling more inclined to have big piles of yarn in my lap to help keep me warm. I started my first blanket of the season yesterday after ripping out my first blanket of last season which I had stopped working on because I wasn’t happy with how the colors were working together and I wasn’t happy crocheting. After hours of unraveling and balling the yarn I cast on about 100 stitches with my size 20 circular needles. I am using three strands of worsted weight acrylic that I bought forever ago. I know, I know I don’t normally use acrylic but it really is the best for blankets because I can throw it in the wash. It is the perfect mindless meditative activity since I am knitting every row. I didn’t do a gauge swatch so I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out. I don’t normally like the look of the garter stitch but so far I am loving the openness of the stitch with the bumpy texture. I don’t have quite enough to keep much more than my lap warm, but luckily I can use past years blankets for now.


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