Reversible Scarf

I admit it, I horde yarn. I can’t help it. It comes in way too many wonderful textures and pretty colors and I love that I can use my own two hands to make it into something. Knitting is my way of meditating. The repetition of knitting and purling is so soothing. I love to knit scarves, no pesky gauge swatch necessary and they always fit! One of my requirements is that the pattern be reversible so that it won’t curl and I don’t have to knit two sides to hide stuff. This pattern from craftzine caught my eye for two reasons. One, it is green. Two, it is a little more complicated than what I usually knit, but has a great texture and looks like it repeats, so once I get that down I don’t have to constantly look at the pattern. Helpful if I want to take my knitting on the subway. I have just the yarn at home to get started on this one.


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