So picture this, I am on the F train and I have a seat, no one messes with me, no one tries to steal anything from me, no one elbows me in the side… all in all a good trip. As I am leaving the train I am juggling a few bags, my headphones (why aren’t they on my head?) and my iPhone. As I am stepping towards the door the phone falls from my hand (what?!) on the floor (UGH) skitters for a bit (OH!!) out the door (MY!!) and through the space between the train and tracks (GOD!!!) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I stand there for a stunned moment not sure what to do. I entertain jumping down to get it, I can see it after all and then think that would be insane. It is in a “safe” spot so I run upstairs to the booth. The poor gentleman in there must have thought I was a crazy person. He makes a call and tells me the line is busy. Being in a less than calm state I say I am going to go back and watch my phone in case someone else decides they are going to jump down and get it. Then I run back up after I realize no one can even see it unless they are leaning over the tracks and the man tells me it will be 45 min to an hour. Well there aren’t many choices so I wait. Boy I wish I had something to pass the time and make me forget that my phone is on the tracks, maybe I can play a game…. oh, I can’t do that. I should really call M and tell him I am waiting… can’t do that either. Wait is that a rat trying to dial my phone? No, I am just hallucinating. After what seems like an eternity two men come down with a long grabber to rescue my phone. After a few attempts (it was a lot like watching someone play the game in arcades with the stuffed animals and the hook) my phone was safely on the platform. I thanked the men, went upstairs to thank the gentleman in the booth. He seemed genuinely happy that I got my phone and gave me a big smile and kind of high five through the glass of the booth. I did have to give the case a good washing and wipe down the phone, but other than that no damage was done. Today I found myself holding my phone tightly in my pocket when getting off the train.


4 Replies to “O.M.G.”

  1. OMGGGGGG that’s insane!!!! i can’t believe you were actually able to get it back! you are SOOOO lucky. omg what a crazy story. good thing you’re not me cuz i def would not have gotten it back! try never to do that again….. love you!!!

  2. WOW! Sounds like there are 2 options: 1. carry around a grabber (you could probably make extra cash retrieving stuff) 2. get a case that has a tab which can be hooked onto an idiot strap (lanyard?)

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