Happy Holi

A few years back while visiting my alma mater for the Spring Carnival activities I noticed some students walking around covered in colorful powder, pretty much from head to toe. I figured it was some crazy college kid thing that I couldn’t possibly understand now that I was an adult and kind of forgot about it until the next year when I saw how the students got to be covered. A campus organization decided to celebrate their own version of Holi also called the Festival of Colors. A mass of students gathered in the nearby park and were given bags filled with colorful powder. Once all the powder had been handed out, the chaos began and powder started flying. It was beautiful and if I had been wearing clothes I cared a little less about I would have joined in. I usually forget all about this event until I am back at school, but this year via The Big Picture, I got a view of the Indian version of this festival. These pictures are full of wonderful color and make me happy on this dreary day. Maybe this year I will remember to pack and old tshirt and jeans.


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