I love reading. I can remember many a weekend spent curled up with a good book. As life gets more hectic, I find myself with less time to read. In recent years I have decided that buying a book from the store and then reading it once is a waste. I would much rather get it from the library where not only is it free (did I mention I am extremely thrifty?) but I can give it back once I am finished enjoying it. Unfortunately most books you get from the library are hardcover. Lately the only time I have to read is on the subway but it is just too much to balance a book with everything else I have to carry. I know, poor me. Actually, lucky me. M came home the other day and told me that someone had very generously offered him their kindle since they were upgrading. So far I love it! I don’t have to balance the book open while trying to hang on to the rest of my stuff, turning the page is as easy as clicking a button, and it is incredibly light. I have already finished one book and am looking for the next one. Now I just need to figure out how to get library books onto my new device!


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