Yesterday I spent all day in the kitchen. I pureed the pumpkin that I roasted earlier in the week so the featured ingredient of the weekend was, you guess it, pumpkin. I decided to start with a simple pie recipe. I am not a big fan of making crusts so I used frozen. Not quite as good, but good enough. I was worried that I didn’t have the right type of pumpkin (apparently there are the baking type and the carving type and I got the carving type) but the pie tasted great. For some reason the top didn’t set up quite right, but you can’t have everything. I also made the dough for oatmeal cookies. Some of that went right into the freezer for baking at another time. I was pretty pooped after making dinner so decided to hold off on baking the rest of the cookie dough. Today I made pumpkin bread and am about to start on the cookies. I decided to freeze the rest of the pumpkin (there are still 4 cups waiting to make their way into something delicious). The kitchen smells great, the sink is just about empty of dishes and I am wondering who is going to eat all these treats!


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