Was That a Snowflake!?


OK, so despite the fact that I just saw a flurry of snow outside my window, spring is here and I am thinking about my upstate paradise. Please stop laughing D! It will be a paradise one of these days… Now that we have our little 10×10 up and running, it is time to carve out some outdoor space that is junk and poison ivy free. This weekend M&I will be going up to get the foundations of a deck in place for when Dad, Grandpa and maybe my Uncle Joe come up in a few weeks. I have big plans for this deck. At the moment when we break for lunch or for the day we don’t really have a nice place to sit, relax, and have a drink. The spot I have picked out is next to our tiny home (right off the sliding glass door) and under the shade of a few tress so we will be out of the heat of the sun. If you face in just the right direction you can’t even see all the of stuff scattered around. We already have an IKEA table and chair set we got on sale a while ago so I won’t be getting the lovely green chairs in my inspiration picture, although I have had my eye on them for a while so they may find their way upstate yet. picture via


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