I Made Cheese!

BXP28177This weekend, while trying to make hot chocolate, I accidentally made cheese. How does one accidentally make cheese, you ask? Well, when I started to heat the milk something funny happened. I noticed a separation that I don’t normally see… I dumped the milk, cleaned the pot and tried again with the last of the milk. Same result! Well I figured there is nothing lost if I experiment so I will see if I can turn this into something. I continued to heat this crazy separated milk, and then at some point I added a slash of vinegar and heated some more. I just happened to have some cheese cloth so I set that up in a strainer over a glass bowl, then once my little lump of curd was not too wet anymore, I pressed it between two cutting boards with a teapot on top for weight. I think what I have now is paneer. I haven’t used it yet, but I was hoping to make saag paneer later this week. There are lots of recipies on the web for making cheese properly if you are interested in trying your own experiment. I did finally get my hot chocolate with new milk and a different pot.


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