A Letter to Richard Branson

virgin1_1246696c1Airlines are not known for their culinary masterpieces. Frankly these days you are lucky if you get a bag of peanuts. While many of us have been served things that barely passed for food, we may not have taken to the time to get it down on paper and send it. Thanks to the Internet, we can all enjoy this letter to Richard Branson from a very disgruntled passenger on a Virgin flight from Mumbai to Heathrow detailing his “culinary journey of hell”. My favorite part is his description of the cookie, “It appears to be in an evidence bag from the scene of a crime. A CRIME AGAINST BLOODY COOKING. Either that or some sort of back-street underground cookie, purchased off a gun-toting maniac high on his own supply of yeast.” Apparently Sir Richard took the time to call this gentleman and offer him the opportunity to select the food and wine on future Virgin flights, but no form of monetary compensation has been offered.


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