Be Careful What You Wish For

picture-2When I am inclined to read, Neil Gaiman is an author I look to for entertainment. I have read many of his books and figured I would give his “children’s story” Coraline a chance. I really enjoyed it, although to be honest, it seemed a little scary for the a children’s story. Maybe I am just a scardy cat. All the graphics I have seen for the upcoming movie are wonderful. In my mind great graphics + great story = great movie, right? Hopefully. Today on NotCot, I saw that on the movie website you can create your own flower, among other things. I highly recommend giving it a look. You can choose up to three layers of the 24 petals, you can change their color, number and size and when you remove petals to try something new the petals fall away. It is wonderful! If you are so inclined you can also button up your eyes. That was a little too scary for me.


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