Customer Service

Recently I have had several very pleasant customer service experiences that I would like to share. Frankly when I have to call or go in about a repair or return because of an issue with a product, I expect I am going to have to fight, plead and or cajole in some combination. In the first case, a return of a set of headphones that stopped working after a month, I didn’t even have to talk to anyone. A series of clicks with my mouse and a new pair was on the way. Thank you Amazon. In the second case, I was hoping to get a replacement for a cracked jar to a blender we bought secondhand. No problem, I just had to tell them where to send it. No charge. Thank you L’Equip. Today was my latest incident. My iPhone developed a pretty nasty crack somehow which was threatening to split my precious in two! I made an appointment with the Apple Genius bar feeling very lucky to get an appointment at 10:30 am only to learn that I wasn’t lucky at all and I had shown up 12 hours too early for my 10:30 PM appointment. Normally this would have been a DOH! moment but a very nice gentleman said, “Let me see what I can find out for you.” In a few minutes I was sitting in front of another very nice Apple Genius (whose shirt aptly stated that not all heroes wear capes) who could tell the crack was not from an accident, was kind enough to override what the computer was telling him and replace my iPhone without charge under warranty. Hero indeed. Thank you Apple Genius.


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