Just In Time…

01127003122What is it about the holidays? I mean seriously, every year I am sick on either Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years. Some years I have been sick on all three! Monday a cold sideswiped me from out of nowhere. Ick. I should be feeling ok for Turkey day, but I am going to sound raspy which some people think is sexy, I just think is hurty. The upside of this particular year is that I finally made the leap and got raw honey. Where have you been all my life?! My doc, an acupuncturist and MD, suggested a few spoonfuls to help with my cough. No chaser. I haven’t worked up to a few spoonfuls yet, but one seems to help my poor throat when it is feeling especially bad. I have been using it in my tea as well for good measure. Tonight I think I will try a remedy my sister swears by. Hot water, raw honey, lemon and lime.


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