I love Dwell Magazine. There is something in just about every issue that catches my attention and makes me happy we are just about in the position where we are thinking about buildings and how they will look. This issue had an article that was especially interesting to me. Apparently some crazy recent art grad decided to buy a house and totally redo it with the help of his dad. Oh and he did it all on a recent art grad’s budget. Lots of recycled materials, lots of thinking outside the box and lots of trips to the ReStore. Once the house was complete it didn’t seem right to plop in just any furniture so he designed and built pieces himself. Wonderful! You can check it out at Rural Theory, there is a PDF of the Dwell article and many more pictures. My favorite quote from the article is, “I didn’t want my Grandmother to feel like an astronaut when she visited.” I can’t wait to get to the point where M&I are picking out materials. Thanks for the inspiration, Blake!


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