Wooooooo Weee!

This weekend we invited a group of people up to help us fill a dumpster on our property, and they came!! Fantastic. We not only filled the dumpster, cleared a large portion of crap out of two buildings, but we also built an outhouse for our composting toilet and even had a little fun in the process. I can’t tell you how much it meant to M&I to have such support from family and friends. Some of our favorite memories of this weekend: Being part of a fire brigade of book throwing with Dad and Grandpa (6 coming, can’t break the set!), Grandpa as “King of the Burn Barrel” with his apprentice Mark as Prince (it is a miracle we still have any trees!), M roasting the most amazing marshmallows, KB building the grill, Diane telling me “well, I don’t think we are quite ready to landscape…”, Mel taking the first turn in the completed outhouse, Kerri finding treasures when everyone else was seeing junk, Pete risking his life without adequate life insurance, and Dad making us all laugh when we were all losing steam. This amazing picture was taken by Kerri. I can’t believe she was able to capture such beauty in such a mess. Thank you to everyone that helped. We got more accomplished this weekend than we could have in a year with just the two of us. We can’t thank you enough!


2 Replies to “Wooooooo Weee!”

  1. If your aim was to burn the trees you should have told me. I have plans for a bigger and better burner….”G”

  2. I was thinking about you guys this weekend! I’m glad things went so well. Stephen and I still want to come up sometime and help!

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