Cool Small Spaces

“Why don’t you just put up a yurt?”, says Mom. She can’t understand why I would want to spend all that time building a ReadyMade modular when I could buy a yurt and put it up in a day. Why indeed. Well I guess it is because I am trained as an architect, I am working as a graphic designer and I can’t imagine a yurt being a hip and cool space for me. Functional, yes, I can’t argue with that, but… I am already thinking we will be more than happy (in fact much happier) with a small house than a large one. Less to heat, less to cool and less to build. It isn’t all about money, but let’s not be silly, it is a little about money. So since I am not building a McMansion, why should I not have a cool looking building? Something that makes me feel like I am living in a space out of that pages of Dwell (or at least ReadyMade). Something that is functional and hip and cool. Like this space. It is 450 sqft in Ft. Green, Brooklyn. Not that I am going to have 450 sqft to start (we will only have 100sqft) but if I can apply some of the same storage and minimalist rules, I will be set.


2 Replies to “Cool Small Spaces”

  1. Are you serious that you’re going to try and build a house that is only 10 x10 (100 square feet)? You’d barely be able to fit a full-size bed and and a few other peices of small furniture. Are you sure you want to start out that small? Ikea can help you work wonders, but even they’d probably recommend a house no smaller than 350.

  2. You are very right, it would be crazy to have a house that was only 10’x10′. We are planning on starting with a bedroom and then as time and funds allow we will add on. Eventually we would like to have a PowerPod, but for the moment, there is no good way to get it to the place we would like to have it. Luckily this is just a weekend retreat.

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