I Hope You Saved the Packaging

On this blog I know it seems like I can’t really make up my mind between consumerism and minimalism. I think it is because I know the right thing to do (consume less) but I am a consumer, although I have come a long way. Does that make me a hypocrite? Maybe. I am learning to deal with this dual personality aspect of myself. Sifting through the layers of trash on the property is helping me see where my consumer ways are going to lead me if I am not careful. Today while clicking around I saw this great product. Bear with me here, it will all come together. I have an iPod Shuffle. If you have one as well, you know that they come in a plastic box which seems way too large for the shuffle. I kept mine because it seemed a shame to through away a perfectly good plastic box. Well in Japan someone has come up with a use for this plastic box. You can purchase a DIY kit that turns your shuffle packaging into a speaker! Tah dah! Now as a speaker it is a nice size for traveling and it has a use again. Come on America, get with the program. We are running out of space to dump stuff. via link US link.


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