I am Going to Wait in Line Now

Apparently we are mere weeks away from IKEA Red Hook. I know I shouldn’t be so excited about this, but I am. I have read all the cons to having this Swedish Mega Giant move into Brooklyn. I am aware that you buy stuff at IKEA which is something I need to cut back on. I know I know. But I can’t wait. Can I just say that while you can say a lot of bad things about the fact that IKEA is coming (whether you like it or not) they seem to be trying to do the right thing at every turn and not always because they were being forced to do so. They did a major waterfront improvement which helps to extend the NY Greenway just that much more and today I read that for the next 3 weeks they are only hiring people in the 11231 zip. Bringing jobs to the community sounds like a good thing to me. Apparently they are only accepting applications online, so for those without computer access or access to the library, Red Hook Works and Red Hook Rise is offering free computer access and assistance. I say välkomnande. via


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