Homemade Christmas

When I was young we didn’t have a ton of money. Some years less than others. This caused us to have some really creative Christmas decorations. I still have a dove that my mother made out of a styrofoam meat tray and a felt bell that she helped me sew and stuff. Who knows, maybe my love for crafting and felt can be traced back to that bell! I also have a homemade santa that goes under the tree every year. One year way back when, I decided that with my limited funds I wasn’t going to be able to get gifts for everyone on my list. Instead I made ornaments. The first year of ornaments were just plain balls that I got at a dollar store and painted with acrylic paints. I have kept up this tradition of making an ornament every year. I have made all different types, trying to make sure each year is different from the last. Fimo one year, felt another, getting into more complicated wire wrapped pieces that M&I did together. Last year I used Christmas cards I received the previous year to make ball ornaments. I always feel so sad throwing these cards away and this seemed like a nice way to give them new life. I have a new plan for my old cards this year but I like for the ornaments to be a surprise so you will have to wait until after the 25th to find out what they are. Over the years the younger children in my family have followed my lead and started making gifts of their own. In addition to homemade ornaments I get cookies, picture frames, cards, napkin rings, all made with love. Thanks Mom for giving me the idea to start such a nice tradition and thank you to those who are keeping that tradition alive.


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