All the Tea in China

I have been on a tea kick lately for some reason. I am trying not to buy coffee in the morning to save money as well as avoid disposing of a paper cup and my office has the worst coffee on the planet. I have tried bringing coffee from home, but with my purse and my lunch and whatever else I have to cart around that day, I quickly run out of hands to hold on to the subway. So tea seems like a nice compromise. I have a little pot so that I can brew a little over a cup of tea and I can give myself little servings so it stays warm. All tea is not created equal is what I am finding. I am not a fan of earl gray apparently, I tend to like green tea especially the jasmine variety. I like all of my tea with a little milk (skim is just fine for tea drinking) and if it isn’t iced I want it to be hot! There is nothing more disappointing than drinking warm tea.


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